Bulk Messaging

MsgWheel is a service that allows you to send bulk messages from your phone to distribution lists you create.

The "Delivery Method" for messages can be any of the following: text, photos, email, and even voice phone calls. Distribution lists are consist of names, mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses.

Start sending group messages in 5 minutes. Creating your account and your first distribution in just few steps.

We'll start you off with 25 tokens for each type of delivery method when you create your account.

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  • Free 15 Day Trial
  • 25 tokens for each delivery method
  • Free Contact Storage
  • No Software Required
  • Message Tokens Never Expire
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    Delivery Methods

  • Voice
  • Text/SMS
  • Photo/MMS
  • Email
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    Select from several pricing options for your account. Annual and monthly plans are available.

  • Basic Plan
  • Advanced Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Text/SMS Tokens
  • Photo/MMS Tokens
  • Voice Tokens
  • Email Tokens
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