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What We Do

Message Wheel is a bulk messaging service. With just a single text message, we give you the ability to send text, photo, email messages or make phone calls to groups of people from your phone using distribution lists.

Targeted Communications

You can improve the communication delivery to your customers, co-workers, friends, and family members. Your distribution lists contain only the recipients you want to send information to on any frequency you choose.

How It Works

1. Create your Trial Account.
2. Create a new distribution list (or use one of the three sample list created for you when your account is created).
3. Opt-In as required. The Opt-In email will be sent to the contact(s) added to your lists. They will need to Opt-In before you can send messages to them.
4. Using your phone, send a text message to the telephone number you are given when you create your account. (See your welcome email)
5. You will be prompted for the ID of the distribution list you want to use. Once you enter it, the message will be queued and sent to the members of the list.

You can manage features and options by logging into your account via www.MsgWheel.com.

No Extra Fees, No Contracts

That's right, there are no extra or hidden fees to use Message Wheel. Your subscription plus your token cost is all there is. Regarding tokens, just buy what you require for your messaging needs.

No Software Required

There are no special applications required to use Message Wheel. All you need is your phone. For ease of setting up your distribution lists, you can use your computer and your favorite web browser.


Tokens are required to send messages. When creating a message, you have to have enough tokens in your account for the number of members in the specified list.
  • Only Pay For What You Need
  • Tokens never expire.
  • Tokens for one delivery method cannot be used for a different delivery method.
  • Message Delivery Methods

    Messages can be delivered in any of the following methods:
    1. Text/SMS messages
    2. Photo/MMS messages
    3. Email messages
    4. Voice phone calls

    No Special App or Software

  • Sending messages is a easy as sending a text message to Message Wheel from your phone.
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Anti-Spam Policy

    We have an Ant-Spam policy. Each person added to a distribution list will get an email that allows them to Opt-Into your distribution lists. Opt'ing into your list allows them to receive future messages from you. They can change their Opt-In/Opt-Out status at any time.

    Sign Up For Your Free Trial

  • Free 15 Day Trial Period.
  • No crediit card required to create your account.
  • 25 free tokens added for each delivery method when your account is created.

  • Continue to check out more information about the Message Wheel service.

    A "Trial" account has full access to all features duing the trial period. A "Trial" account can be upgraded at any time during the trial period or after it ends.

    1. Using your mobile phone, start off by entering the telephone number associated to your account.
    2. Select your photo and/or enter your text message.

    3. Send the message.

    4. Once MsgWheel.com receives your message, you will be prompted to enter the Distribution List.

    5. Enter & send the ID ONLY. If you wish to cancel sending the current message, enter "000".

    6. You will receive confirmation that your message has been queued for the List ID selected. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a message that informs you that the messages are in the process of being delivered to the recipients in the Distribution List you selected.

    7. Here is what the recipient will see:

    Inbound Messages

  • There is no token charge for inbound messages from your phone.
  • SMS/Text tokens apply if the list of distirubtion list prompt is more than 160 characters.
  • Outbound Messages

  • See the Pricing page for current token prices.
  • Text/SMS tokens apply for each 160 characters in the message.
  • Photo/MMS tokens apply for each message.
  • Voice tokens apply for each 1,000 characters in the message.
  • Email tokens tokens apply for each email message.
  • Having the ability to share one of your lists with someone else gives you the ability to "loan" your contacts and content template to others. You can only share lists you own.

    You can even share one of your lists with yourself. This gives you the ability to maintain all your contacts from a single list and each shared list will use the contacts without having to keep other lists updated. Using the Opt-In URL allows you to have others Opt-In/Opt-Out of your master list and all shared lists are always up to date!

    Professional accounts have the ability to share lists. Any account can receive a shared list. Each list can be shared multiple times to the same account.

    One feature that may be necessary at times is to refresh the contact list from another list. You can purge the contact list and then import, or just merge the contacts to the existing list.

    Each distribution list created will create a short redirect web URL using www.XFER.ws web site. These short URLs are available for all accounts except for "Basic".

    Opt-In/Opt-Out Short Link
    This URL can be sent to others allowing them to self Opt-In or Opt-Out of a specific list.

    Batch Processing Short Link
    This URL is used to send messages for a specific list. They can be executed using a web browser or issued from your custom or commercial applications. Execution of these URLs will cause messages to be immediately added to the message queue.

    With your Professional Account, you can execute a web URL with a message. This allows you to integrate your own applications with www.MsgWheel.com.

    Each time you execute a web URL with your custom message, it is the same as sending a message to your distribution list from your phone.

    Each list has its own unique short URL that is created using www.XFER.ws web site. A sample short URL is: xfer.ws?123456

    If your token balance equals zero after messages have been published/added to the queue, they will remain in the queue.

    For a Professional Subscription, you have the option of sending email messages using your own SMTP account information.

    For a Professional Subscriptions, you have the option to download the Message Wheel Desktop Console software which allows you to manage your distribution lists, list memberships, and manage messages.

    For a Professional Subscriptions, you have the option to download the Message Wheel Desktop Console software which allows you to manage your distribution lists, list memberships, and manage messages.

    1. Manage Distribution Lists
    2. Manage List Membership - Add, update, import, & export members.
    3. Manage Messages - Create, reuse archived messages.

    If you collect contact information from WhatsYourAnswer.com, you can import them into a list in www.MsgWheel.com. This feature is available for Professional accounts.

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