About Message Wheel

What We Do

Message Wheel is a service that provides you the ability to send text messages or photos to a group of people. Messages are sent to a distribution list of cell phone numbers that you manage.

How It Works

Once you create your account, you proceed to creating your distribution list(s). Each distribution list will have the specified cell phone numbers that you manage using the Message Wheel web site.

Steps To Send Messages

1. Using your mobile phone, start off by entering the telephone number associated to your account.
2. Select your photo and/or enter your text message.

3. Send the message.

4. Once MsgWheel.com receives your message, you will be prompted to enter the Distribution List.

5. Enter & send the ID ONLY. If you wish to cancel sending the current message, enter "000".

6. You will receive confirmation that your message has been queued for the List ID selected. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a message that informs you that the messages are in the process of being delivered to the recipients in the Distribution List you selected.

7. Here is what the recipient will see:

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